Canada-wide Early Learning & Child Care Agreement Membership

25% Reduction of Per Diem Rate                                         Additional 37% Reduction of Per Diem Rate

NEW 2022 Per Diem Rates (As of October 1st, 2022)         NEW 2023 Per Diem Rates (As of December 31, 2022)

Preschool Rates                                                                        Preschool Rates                                                                  

$35.39 per diem/daily reduced from $47.18                              $22.30 per diem/daily reduced from $35.39

$766.67 per month reduced from $1022.23

Toddler Rates                                                                            Toddler Rates

$49.09 per diem/daily reduced from $65.45                              $30.93 per diem/daily reduced from  $49.09

$1063.56 per month reduced from $1418.08

Kindergarten Rates                                                                Kindergarten Rates

8-10 Wk Summer Program  “School Transition”

$30.00 per diem/daily reduced from $40.00                            $18.90 per diem/daily reduced from $30.00 * (4-6 years

$40.00 remains status quo                                                        6 year olds born between July 1-Dec 21) to 7 years of age,

*Remember ONLY Eligible for Families with Kindergarten Aged Children:  Fee reduction funding is intended to support children under the age of 6 (0-5 year old children), with some exceptions for children with birthdays early in the calendar year who are 6 years of age but are still enrolled in kindergarten.

More specifically, base fees must be reduced for eligible children, which are defined under O. Reg. 137/15 as:  Any child, until the last day of the month in which the child turns 6 years old (irrespective of the type of licensed child care program in which they are enrolled); and Up until June 30 in a calendar year, any child who, o turns six years old between January 1 and June 30 in that calendar year; and o is enrolled in a licensed infant, toddler, preschool, or kindergarten group, a licensed family age group, or home child care.  For clarity, all eligible children receiving home child care at a premises overseen by an agency are eligible for the fee reduction (both agency-placed and privately-placed)

For Children aged 6 (6 year olds born between July 1-Dec 21) to 7 years of age, the rate of the Kindergarten program will be $40.00.

 The Board of Directors review parent fees  on an annual basis when the non-profit, operating budget is approved by the City of Ottawa’s Children’s Services and its Contribution Agreement.  Parents receive a minimum of thirty days notice of any increase in fees.

Since 2014, part-time Fees are payable at the end of each month and receipts are issued at year-end for income tax purposes. Unfortunately, there are no rebates or reduction for unused days of care for any reason including statutory holidays, family holidays or absence due to illness. There is also no fee reduction for siblings.

Vanier Co-operative’s revised license has NOW  opened its addition of 26 childcare NEW spaces for children 48-months to 7 years.  The NEW Special Program room is opened ONLY during the summer months to help prepare young children for their transitions to the school board system and to help refine existing skills for children already attending Kindergarten.  Please contact the Administration Office at your convenience for more detailed information


Vanier Co-operative Childcare Centre has had an extensive partnership with the City of Ottawa Children’s Services.  Maintaining all requirements to meet its Contribution Agreement, ALL families MUST be registered with the City of Ottawa’s Child Care Registry & Wait List.  This is a city-wide centralized waiting list for admittance to childcare (daycare) centres.

Access REGISTRATION online:  ottawa.ca/childcare OR  www.onehsn.com/Ottawa.ca  OR call 3-1-1

City of Ottawa Services and Programs

While visiting online at the City of Ottawa’s Child Care Registry & Wait List, families can indicate their preference for financial assistance.  The Subsidy Office prioritizes and determine qualification clients in need of subsidized spaces. To find out about subsidized child care please contact the City of Ottawa at Ottawa.ca/daycare.



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