100_0765The preschool environment accommodates all twenty-four children with ample room for them to navigate through the clean and beautifully enriched space.

A team of registered Early Childhood Educators design the preschool room by defining specific developmental learning areas.  The floor layout has specific sections that addresses the whole child’s needs with age appropriate materials, toys and equipment.  By observing the children’s interests and engaging in conversations with the children, program teachers shape each learning area with detailed planning to enrich the child’s play experience. 100_0766 During COVID-19, MEDU & OPH Guidelines restrict, to a certain extent, what materials are selected for use and the quantity of toy materials and equipment due to  the amount of enhanced cleaning requirements involved in a daily schedule of use.

Reopening Phase IV, like its successive phases requires cleaning and sanitizing the toys, loose materials and/or equipment a minimum of twice daily.  Without hindering the learning opportunities for the preschool aged child, staff have selected and designed a daily and weekly approach to what items are chosen to heighten a child’s interest and extend their exposure and learning to these choices.