Co-operative Philosophy

Both parents and staff are involved in the daily operation and activities of the centre.  All decisions regarding the operation, activities, philosophies, policies etc. of the centre are reached by consensus.

The centre is overseen by a Board of Directors. Staff and parents are elected at the Annual General Meeting to sit as representatives on the Board. The Board meets monthly (with the exception of July and August) and can call a “Special” Meeting within a ten day notice to membership.

Vanier Co-op will strike committees or working groups for various task ( i.e. Hiring Committee, Personnel, Policy, Fundraising, Finance)  when necessary which may be at different times in the year.  As the Board meets regularly, the collective is consulted on various aspects of the centre.  All parents and staff are welcome and encouraged to participate on these committees.

Parent involvement is encouraged in several ways:

a) Parents can volunteer to sit on the Board of Directors or a committee.

b) Parents can volunteer to assist on field trips, participate in program activities, repair toys, etc

We understand families have busy schedules and we appreciate any help or contributions that parents can make towards providing quality care for their children.

The centre also operates with an alternative staff structure. There is no hierarchy at Vanier Co-op, all staff have equal responsibilities and importance and are therefore expected to participate fully in the activities of the centre. The program coordinator acts in a supportive role rather than an authoritative one.  A team approach is the process for reaching decisions on the operations and activities of the centre.  All staff receive the same salary regardless of their position in the centre.

Union:  The staff belong to the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 2204. The union has been instrumental in improving salaries, benefits and working conditions for staff. The union also provides a mechanism and resources to lobby governments for affordable, accessible, universal child care