Child Care & Early Years Act (CCEYA) PROGRAMMING & PEDAGOGY

At CPVCSAP: Vanier Co-operative, the staff are committed to providing high quality, culturally sensitive and non-sexist programs for young children.  Children learn through their play – and are doing so in a clean, comfortable and secure setting.

CPVCSAP: Vanier Co-operative program educators use the Ministry of Education document, “Early Learning for Every Child Today” OR “ELECT”  AND “How Does Learning Happen” OR “HDLH” as a framework for emergent curriculum and designing its to create healthy, creative play spaces for children to maximize their learning and optimize development.

Through reflective teaching practices and critical inquiry, the educators carefully arrange the environment to provide each child with opportunities to actively explore the materials and plan activities that stimulate their curiosity, self-expression and initiative.  Educators consistently encourage language, literacy, problem solving and critical thinking by expanding conversations with questions and a level of interest in what the children want to share.  As well, embedded in the daily curriculum, are devices to encourage the development of self-help skills, independence, expressive language and cooperation.  Program staff  educators fully understand the importance of positive, responsive relationships with families which anchors the success for the children and strive to keep the lines of communication open & honest.

CPVCSAP:  Vanier Co-op sees the child first. This allows educators to see a whole child—which highlight all the aspects and complexity of a child. Accordingly, the childcare centre creates, maintains and upholds the belief that all children, parents, staff and visitors are entitled to the right to feel safe in the centre’s environment. The core philosophy in the program, the workplace and the centre at large encourages and promotes respect, responsibility, courtesy and cooperation among all its members.  A safe, stimulating environment that is culturally sensitive to its diverse families builds trusting relationships and allows the daycare to extends itself as a bridge between home and school.  Multiculturalism embraces and celebrates the uniqueness of each individual child.

Program teachers plan curriculum/programming based on the interest of the children.  Through observation and critical reflection, the program instruction is rooted with a sensitivity for the individual child within a group child care setting.  Exposure, awareness, tolerance, acceptance and respect is considered in every aspect of the daycare’s practices and policies. CPVCSAP members, parents and staff alike, are critical role models for the children in their care. Every member—child, parent & staff are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful, responsible and cooperative manner.

Our program offers a variety of developmentally appropriate activities and materials designed with the child’s interests and whole development in mind. Structured and unstructured activities that are teacher directed and/or child initiated allow children to make individual choices which enhances his/her growth and independence. Children have the opportunity to participate in creative activities such as planned or open-ended arts and crafts options, cognitive activities like table top toys (cards, puzzles, board games, guessing games) as well as science and sensory experiences which collectively addresses the child’s progressing developmental domains. The program offers a quiet/book corner, a block/building / construction play area, sensory area and a dramatic play area equipped with specific embellishments like dress up clothes, doll dishes, etc. Seasonal outdoor activities are organized daily.

As a cooperative-based centre, any donated, safe & relevant equipment and/or materials to enhance program areas is always welcomed.