Program Schedule



(Schedule is be flexible and adaptable save the OUTDOOR SCHEDULE component)

7:00         Greet Children and parents, Free play

8:15         Art Activity Set Up

9:00         Tidy Up for Welcome & Calendar

AM Snack & Washroom Routine

9:30         Indoor Programming / Free Play

10:20       Sunscreen Application & Circle

10:50       Tidy-up & Washroom Routine from Outdoor Play

11:00       Outdoor Play (Extreme Temperature / Weather permitting)

11:55       Undress Washroom & Hand Washing Routine

12:00       LUNCH

12:20       Quiet Reading & Washroom Routine

12:30       Settle for Sleep time

1:00                 Sleep Time (Nap)

1:30         Waker’s Program (quiet activities for early risers)

2:30                 All Children rise (Washroom Routines) & Free Play

3:00         Hand Washing Routine & PM Snack

3:30         Sunscreen Application & Washroom Routine

3:45         Outdoor Play (Gymnasium: Rain Days)

4:45                 Undress & Hand Washing Routine

5:00                 Merge with Toddlers & Free Play

5:30                 Tidy Up & Quiet Reading

5:45                 Centre Closes Home Time

NOTE:  During the summer months when the City is experiencing extreme temperatures with humidex, the daily schedule is adjusted to meet Ministry expectations of 2 hours of outdoor play by begin outdoor play between 9:15-until 11:30 a.m. followed by circle learning groups, toileting and lunch hour.  When the heat/humidex/smog alerts keep the groups inside, alternative physical play is planned.