CPVCSAP: Vanier Co-operative defines “quality” in childcare!

In the late Spring-early Summer 2018, Vanier Co-operative Parents & Staff together collaborated in an exercise to define “QUALITY” childcare.  Here is a list of some of the “words” selected by our engaged group.

From our amazing parents:

  • loving; child-centre, fun; healthy
  • fun; active
  • explorative; creative; growth; communication; connection; nurture
  • caring; innovative; child-focused; inclusive; love & caring
  • happy; helpful; caring; loving
  • inclusion; play-based; inquiry; passion
  • love

From our awesome educators:

  • Care:  listening; communicating; love
  • Health:  compassion; care; patience
  • Collaboration:  New; Emerging; Critical Thinking
  • Caring; respect; nurturing; engaged
  • Compassionate; respect; understanding; open mind
  • Collaboration:  patience; care; Empathy

A common vision with different approaches…Vanier Co-operative will endeavour to broadly paint its interpretation of quality childcare and decide as a non-profit, co-operative organization collectively on its final definition.  Coming soon!