Preschool Program


Our goal in the Preschool Program is to create an environment that provides a safe, warm stimulating atmosphere which promotes the growth and learning of each developing child. Through a stimulating curriculum we focus on fostering critical thinking, problem solving and curiosity in all our preschoolers. Through the five domains (HDLH & ELECT): social, emotional, language (literacy), cognitive, and physical we encourage children to develop positive relationships with their peers, to strengthen their self-help skills and to explore and experiment in an environment that is safe, challenging and respectful.  Communication, self-regulation and conflict resolution skills are an important part of the learning experience. Through reflective teaching practices our goal is to support children as they move through their preschool years.  We are committed to our families and feel strongly that working in partnership with you and our community your children will develop the skills for success.  We achieve this by creating a non-judgmental, respectful and trusting relationship in which there is continuity between home and day care. Our goal is that each preschooler will head out into the world with knowledge and respect for themselves and others.

Preschool Program is planned according to the age, needs and developmental growth of each child. Each program has a daily schedule and a seasonal calendar which provides the children with a consistent routine, maintains healthy order and helps children feel secure and safe with its predictability. The preschool program provides children with the opportunity to explore and learn in all developmental domains (physical, cognitive, social, emotional and self help) by offering the children   stimulating choices based on their interests in active/quiet play; indoor/outdoor play; self-directed and structured activities. Consistent routines like hand washing, toileting, snack/lunch times and sleep/rest/quiet times are punctuated throughout the program schedule.