Registration Checklist

CPVCSAP: Vanier Co-operative REGISTRATION Checklist



Check Chart Box for Submitted Data REGISTRATION


First Day at Daycare
Type of Documentation


Registration Forms (completed front/back)

Companion to          Enrollment Form

Parent Membership        Form from Handbook

Immunization Records

Sunscreen Form

Water Questionnaire

Optional: ELECT Report from Previous Childcare Agency

What I need to bring for my child on the 1st Day of Childcare Indoor Shoes

Change of Clothes

Extra socks & underwear

Blanket & Sleep Toy   (if necessary)

Diapers (if needed)

Seasonal Wear:

For Summer:   Sun Hat, Cool, breathable clothing.

For Rainy Days: Rubber  boots, rain jacket with        hood & splash pants.

For Winter:   Hat, neck        warmer, mitts & snow       Pants.