Admissions: Integration for Children’s Enrollment

Once a family is registered with the City of Ottawa’s Child Care Registry & Wait List, admission operates on a first come, first served protocol.

At Vanier Co-operative, Full Time Care (five days per week for a full day) is preferred.

Vanier Co-op does reserve spaces for part time care (2 to 3 days per week for a full day) for families in the Vanier and surrounding communities.

Each child and every family is completely unique.  Childcare options that may meet the needs of families are equally diverse.  For some families, part-time care options are being sought and best suited for their needs.

We recommend  this option for the Preschool age group.  Developmentally, preschool aged children are more advanced in skills which lend more readily to exploring new environments & peers groups.

For Toddlers, part time care may be very taxing for emotionally for the home to childcare setting adjustments and separation anxieties may intensify proving challenging for the family with this childcare arrangement.

However, as parents – you are the expert of your child and have a keen sense of what works best for “your” family.   Vanier Co-operative works very close in its parental partnership and all members strive to program effectively for all part-time children.